TRN subcommittee membership is currently open for application!

TRN Subcommittees

The Telomere Research Network (TRN) subcommittees will focus on identifying important research gaps, establishing best practices, and novel next research steps in relation to telomeres and each specific committee’s topic. Participation in subcommittees offers unprecedented opportunities to network with leaders in the field, develop novel collaborations, and shape the future directions of telomere science. In addition, the TRN subcommittees may request network funding for innovative pilot projects related to the primary network goals.

Each subcommittee reports to the TRN Steering Committee annually at the TRN in person meeting and provides regular updates throughout the year on committee activities.


Chair: Daniel Belsky, PhD 




Chairs: Shahinaz Gadalla, MD, PhD & Yun-Ling Zheng, MD, PhD

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Early Life Development

Chair: Sonja Entringer, PhD


Environmental Exposures


Chair: Belinda Needham, PhD, MA


Health Disparities

Chairs: Carmen Giurgescu, PhD, RN & Dawn Misra, PhD, MHS

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Subcommittee membership is currently open for application. If you are interested in joining a subcommittee or nominating someone for a subcommittee, PLEASE APPLY HERE.