Zheng Lab

Yun-Ling Zheng, MD, PhD, MPH

Yun-Ling Zheng, MD, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, Department of Oncology and Biostatistics Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical Center

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Georgetown University

The Zheng Lab has been conducting researches on understanding the role of telomere and telomerase in cancer development. The NIH U01 funded project has three specific aims: (1) to conduct a collaborative telomere measurement methods comparison study; (2) to collaborate on developing best practice guidelines for telomere length research; (3) to develop and validate a high-throughput method to assess telomere length constitution using genomic DNA.



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Hongkun Wang, PhD,

Associate Professor, Department of Biomathematics,
Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Georgetown University Medical Center

Ying Wang, MD

Ying Wang, PhD,

Research Associate, Zheng Lab,
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Georgetown University Medical Center