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Study Design & Analysis

Sample Collection & Storage Checklist (v.1) – guidance for key metrics to track related to sample collection, storage, and processing

Determining sample size in cross-sectional studies: The effect of intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) on statistical power and required sample size based on various diference in TL. For questions/comments on this resource, please contact Simon Verhult ( 

Determining sample size in longitudinal studiesPower to detect a 33% change of telomere shortening rate, up or down, with p<0.05 relative to a baseline shortening rate of 25 bp/year, for a four-year and eight-year follow-up period.

To cite these resources, please reference Lindrose et al., 2020,

Telomere length measurement for longitudinal analysis: implications of assay precision: Nettle, et al. in press, American Journal of Epidemiology

Calculating repeatability of TL measures using ICC – instructions and script using R. exampledataset

Critical assay factors and recommendations for telomere length measurement by qPCR: Lin, et al. 2019 

How to design a pre-specified statistical analysis approach to limit p-hacking in clinical trials: Kahan, et al. 2020