Networking Database

To facilitate innovative cross-disciplinary science, the U24 will create a researcher networking database, which will be freely accessible through the TRN website. To ensure effective, reciprocal use of this database, individuals seeking to query the registry will first need to register themselves and complete appropriate data fields. Queries based on key data elements will be structured to provide contact information for PIs to foster cross-TRN collaborations. Participation will be completely voluntary.

Cohort Database

The TRN is compiling a database of epidemiologic cohort studies with 1) telomere length (TL) already measured or 2) stored biologic samples where TL could be measured.

This database will facilitate collaboration between researchers, investigation of additional questions and associations with TL, and secondary analyses.

The database will be accessible via the TRN and will contain information about existing data sets.  Studies will only be included with permission of the PI, and data will not be available for download through the website. 

Please contact Belinda Needham ( if you have questions about the cohort database.


TRN Subcommittees

Each of the subcommittees will be directed by a member of the TRN. The subcommittees will focus on identifying important research gaps, establishing best practices and innovative next research steps. In addition to developing collaborative publications, presentations, and white papers, the TRN subcommittees may request support for TRN supported innovative pilot projects related to the primary network goals.  Subcommittees will be expected to report to the TRN Steering Committee annually at the TRN in-person meeting and provide regular updates throughout the year on committee activities.

Interested in participating in a TRN subcommittee? CLICK HERE TO APPLY