2023 Presentation Report & Recordings


Introduction to the TRN and results from cross-method and cross-laboratory collaboratory study

Dr. Stacy Drury (U24 PI) & Dr. Simon Verhulst (U24 Executive Committee)

Telomere methodological factors: Lessons from the Contemplative Coping during COVID study

Dr. Jue Lin (U01 PI) & Dr. Quinn Conklin

Keynote: Chemicals: Everywhere all at once

Dr. Tracey Woodruff

Cross-tissue comparison of telomere length and DNA QC metrics across two cohorts

Dr. Idan Shalev (U01 PI) & Dr. Sarah Wolf

Open Forum: Community input regarding next methodological questions for the TRN and recommendations for additional cross laboratory studies

Dr. Stacy Drury (U24 PI)

Updates on pilot award recipients and flash talks

Dr. Elissa Epel (U24 Executive Committee)


NIA/NIEHS Welcome and introductory remarks

Dr. Richard Hodes (NIA) & Dr. Richard Woychik (NIEHS)

Session 1: Novel method development for telomere length measurement

Session 2: Interactive debate about fundamental questions on the role of telomeres as sentinels in human population studies

Session 3: Novel models and the importance of cross species collaboration

Keynote: The energetic cost of telomere maintenance and mitochondria

Dr. Martin Picard

Open Forum: TRN Next Steps and Critical Gaps

Dr. Stacy Drury (U24 PI)